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T. Martin

I would like to highly recommend RPM Tax Resolution to anyone who is having problems with the IRS. Les Perich knows just what to do and he is extremely knowledgeable as to what kind of programs the IRS has and what kind of offers they will accept. Dealing with the IRS was very stressful. We were getting IRS notices left and right. I didn’t always know who to respond to since the notices came from several different states and locations. I went to our local IRS office for help. Let me say that it was frustrating and I wasted a lot of time and gasoline. I actually got more help from the IRS 800 number than I did from our local gentleman, whom I went to see. I got the feeling that there are “too many chiefs and too few Indians.” To say it was frustrating is an understatement.

We knew that we owed back taxes but we didn’t know how to navigate the IRS system. Our tax preparer told us about Les Perich and RPM Tax Resolution. Les actually met us at our home, he listened to our situation, and he informed us of what he could do. He didn’t make promises. He was very professional and accommodating. Les took a financial statement from us and had us sign a Power of Attorney so that he could represent us and advocate for us before the IRS. Literally, within a couple of days, Les was able to get the Wage Levy that had been sent to my husband’s employer, removed. The IRS had prepared some of our tax returns for us. Even though we had corrected returns filed, the IRS had not made the adjustments. Les filed a case with the Tax Payer Advocate to get the returns adjusted in a timely manner. He was able to reduce approximately $2,000 in penalties for one of our tax years through the Fresh Start Program and got the rest of our tax liability categorized as Currently Not Collectable.

We are very satisfied with the outcome Les was able to negotiate for us with the IRS. I would recommend RPM Tax Resolution to anyone who has tax issues.

T. Walker

In reference to RPM Tax Resolution and Les Perich, I would like to provide my story of how I came to meet him. I have had a tax issue affecting my life for the past 10 years and in 2009 filed bankruptcy for my unpaid taxes, and the penalties and interest. I had hoped all of this would be cleared up, but a year and a half later I find out it wasn’t true, and this is where Les comes in…

I was looking at the local newspaper about a year ago and read about a new business in town called RPM Tax Resolutions and thought how wonderful it would be if there was someone who could offer me some valid advice on my tax situation. I have to say, after dealing with a Federal Tax Lien and multiple calls to the IRS, a Bankruptcy and more calls to the IRS, I was relieved when I met Les that there was a nice tax guy out there who knew what he was talking about.

Les Perich, owner of RPM Tax Resolution, met me at my office on a Friday afternoon which worked out great for both of us since his business was just getting started. After a review of my files and requesting some additional information, that I wouldn’t be able to obtain so easily, Les informed me that he thought he could help out. It was such a relief once he took over my case. He was extremely professional and accommodating for our meetings. He made the whole situation as easy on me as possible. He was able to obtain records that explained the situation more clearly, documentation that I may never have seen if it weren’t for his expertise. He informed me what information the IRS needed and advised me on how to provide that information in a way that would be acceptable to them, and then provided me with all of my options to resolve the situation. At this point, Les continues to monitor my account and we will need to meet a few more times, but hopefully be able to resolve this issue by the end of the summer. As you can imagine, anyone with a tax debt lives under constant stress. It will be a welcome relief to not have that cloud over my life any longer.

I would recommend talking to Les Perich with RPM Tax Resolutions if you have a tax problem. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and affordable, not to mention a very nice guy!


I have to tell you how professional and accommodating Les Perich was when I needed help. I started receiving notices from the Internal Revenue Service, lots of them. It was a very stressful time and I really did not know what to do. I tried to contact the IRS myself but it was so daunting trying to get a person to talk to. Besides getting notice after notice, I lost my parents in a six month time period and there was a lot of emotion. I can’t accurately tell you how stressful this time was.

I had originally started working with a tax preparer from one of the nationally advertised firms that has an office in our area. She was able to prepare the taxes but quickly ran into trouble when dealing with the IRS collection issues.

Les Perich, owner of RPM Tax Resolution, met me at a convenient location in town after I called him. I told him my situation and showed him my IRS notices. He told me that he thought he could help me. It was such a relief once he took over my case. He was extremely professional and would even meet me at locations where I had appointments and at the times that worked for me so that I could sign documents. He made the whole situation as easy on me as possible. He communicated clearly what information the IRS needed and advised me on how to provide that information in a way that was acceptable to them. Les was able to negotiate an Installment Agreement without the IRS filing a tax lien.

I would recommend talking to Les Perich if you have a tax problem. He was very professional and affordable.

Alexandra S.

I contacted RPM Tax Resolution to help resolve outstanding income taxes I owed for three previous years. I had received several confusing and scary notices from the IRS and I was unable to get through to speak with anyone at the IRS. I was extremely frustrated and the nightmare situation was causing me great anxiety and stress.

Luckily for me, I heard about Mr. Perich through the grapevine and called him. He met with me the next day and took the IRS paperwork. Within the week Mr. Perich analyzed my situation by securing IRS Transcripts and reviewing the notices I received from the IRS. After Mr. Perich reviewed this information, he determined that the IRS was proposing to assess additional taxes on one of the years and issue an incorrect refund on another year.

Mr. Perich communicated with the IRS quickly and resolved these issues for me. Mr. Perich found a resolution that eliminated the owed taxes for two years and was able to set up a reasonable installment plan for the remaining taxes I owed.

RPM Tax Resolution handled my case in an efficient and professional manner. Mr. Perich communicated with me during the whole process and quickly brought peace of mind to a very stressful situation.

I would not hesitate to recommend Les Perich and RPM Tax Resolution, Inc. to anyone who finds themselves in trouble with the IRS. Not only do they have the expertise to know how to navigate and negotiate with the IRS, they are considerate, kind, and treated me with the utmost dignity and respect.