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 It was such a relief once [Mr. Perich] took over my case.  

I have to tell you how professional and accommodating Les Perich was when I needed help. I started receiving notices from the Internal Revenue Service, lots of them. It was a very stressful time and I really did not know what to do. I tried to contact the IRS myself but it was so daunting trying to get a person to talk to. Besides getting notice after notice, I lost my parents in a six month time period and there was a lot of emotion. I can’t accurately tell you how stressful this time was.

I had originally started working with a tax preparer from one of the nationally advertised firms that has an office in our area. She was able to prepare the taxes but quickly ran into trouble when dealing with the IRS collection issues.

Les Perich, owner of RPM Tax Resolution, met me at a convenient location in town after I called him. I told him my situation and showed him my IRS notices. He told me that he thought he could help me. It was such a relief once he took over my case. He was extremely professional and would even meet me at locations where I had appointments and at the times that worked for me so that I could sign documents. He made the whole situation as easy on me as possible. He communicated clearly what information the IRS needed and advised me on how to provide that information in a way that was acceptable to them. Les was able to negotiate an Installment Agreement without the IRS filing a tax lien.

I would recommend talking to Les Perich if you have a tax problem. He was very professional and affordable.

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