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T. Walker

 He made the whole situation as easy on me as possible.  

In reference to RPM Tax Resolution and Les Perich, I would like to provide my story of how I came to meet him. I have had a tax issue affecting my life for the past 10 years and in 2009 filed bankruptcy for my unpaid taxes, and the penalties and interest. I had hoped all of this would be cleared up, but a year and a half later I find out it wasn’t true, and this is where Les comes in…

I was looking at the local newspaper about a year ago and read about a new business in town called RPM Tax Resolutions and thought how wonderful it would be if there was someone who could offer me some valid advice on my tax situation. I have to say, after dealing with a Federal Tax Lien and multiple calls to the IRS, a Bankruptcy and more calls to the IRS, I was relieved when I met Les that there was a nice tax guy out there who knew what he was talking about.

Les Perich, owner of RPM Tax Resolution, met me at my office on a Friday afternoon which worked out great for both of us since his business was just getting started. After a review of my files and requesting some additional information, that I wouldn’t be able to obtain so easily, Les informed me that he thought he could help out. It was such a relief once he took over my case. He was extremely professional and accommodating for our meetings. He made the whole situation as easy on me as possible. He was able to obtain records that explained the situation more clearly, documentation that I may never have seen if it weren’t for his expertise. He informed me what information the IRS needed and advised me on how to provide that information in a way that would be acceptable to them, and then provided me with all of my options to resolve the situation. At this point, Les continues to monitor my account and we will need to meet a few more times, but hopefully be able to resolve this issue by the end of the summer. As you can imagine, anyone with a tax debt lives under constant stress. It will be a welcome relief to not have that cloud over my life any longer.

I would recommend talking to Les Perich with RPM Tax Resolutions if you have a tax problem. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and affordable, not to mention a very nice guy!

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